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In publishing, a colophon details information about how a book was published. One may contain the publishing date, the name of the printer, what materials were used to create the book, etc. [Encyclopaedia Britannica] I'm hoping to modify that definition only slightly for this website: "a colophon is where I get to brag about the cool website that I made."

This website was built entirely with server-side Swift, specifically the Vapor framework. I plan to make the Github repository for the backend public soon.

Javascript is not used throughout the site as a way to keep load times down and reduce the computational load on the client (that's you!). Not using Javascript also helps the accessibility of the site.

This server is configured to redirect any HTTP requests that are not secured with TLS to the secure version of the site. This ensures that no one can see or change the traffic in transit from the server to your computer.

This website does not use any tracking software or store any cookies because (frankly) your data is much more of a liability to me than an asset. The only logs taken are anonymous and for maintenance purposes.

This website also does not download any external resources when you load the page. This is done for stability (I would have no control over someone else's server outage) and for security (I would have no control over the security practices of someone else's server). Not having to fetch external data also cuts down on load-times.

The font used is Roboto-Mono which I think strikes a great balance between looking nice and making me look like I do a lot of programming.